Will you be writing anymore seblaine stories?

of course! I love writing seblaine :3 I have a list of prompts from a friend and a few ideas of my own. So I’ll be working on things as the mood strikes!


Thanks for the interest anon! Means a lot :3

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love, lower your eyes
leave me a sign
follow the signs right back to you
i know they wind
right back to you
love, lower your eyes
leave me a sign
follow the signs right back to you
i know they wind
right back to you
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"He’s just really sweet. He doesn’t have like a cynical bone in his body. He’s genuine, you know. He just is who he is, I love that."

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"Will you stay? Just a little longer?"

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Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

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Can I ask a fic request for you? Since the episode 'tested' has given me sad blaine feels would you mind do a sweet/fluffy fic? Maybe one where Blaine is self conscious about his body but Sebastian reassures him? Please :3


A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to write a reaction fic for last week’s episode. I went through two different drafts, this being the third go at it (so thank you for the prompt and inspiration) because I just couldn’t write anything that wouldn’t sound too sad or angry the way it left me after that whole Blaine storyline. 
I tried to write fluffy but when have I ever been good with that. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have that much blangst and Sebastian’s there to wipe away all of Blaine’s insecurities <3. Follows some of the events from Tested with different twists to it. Hope this okay! 3422 words.

Blaine wakes up to a sticky note lying on top of the pillow where his boyfriend’s head should be resting, with ‘Had to leave early for a meeting. -S.’ in Sebastian’s cursive handwriting neatly scrawled on it. A pout settled on his lips.

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Blaine knowing that Club in NYC with the shirtless guys, makes me think of all the au’s with Sebastian working there. 

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I am an Original. Show some  r e s p e c t. 

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