Steve is 10 and he meets Bucky. He’s sprawled on the ground, dusty and battered, covered in dirt and sore where the older kids pushed him down. Bucky comes to him and helps him stand up, smooths his hands over Steve’s shoulders and tells him that it’s stupid to pick fights with boys twice their size. Steve scowls at him and Bucky follows him home and never stops talking.

Steve is 12 and he likes Bucky. Likes how Bucky seems to be so sure in everything he does, the effortless way he charms people with his dimpled smile. Bucky is good with people, good with sports, good at everything he sets his mind to, and Steve likes him twice as much because he’s never left behind.

Steve is 14 and he trusts Bucky. His fever is burning high and he can’t see straight even if he tries; his body shivers and his hands tremble, but Bucky doesn’t leave his side and when he tells Steve he will stay the night until the fever breaks Steve nods gratefully, burrows closer into Bucky’s neck and believes him.

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Bucky hesitating to kill Steve.

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Darren Criss and Lea Michele in the crowd between takes x

abby prompted: “write me hanging out with seblaine and just staring at them”
:)! no excuses for this one.
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Blaine’s glad even with their busy Dalton schedules, he and Sebastian manage to square off almost every Friday to hang out at the Lima Bean for their coffee fixes. He’s especially excited because October will be rolling in from around the corner any minute now and he wants to get his fix of his pumpkin spice latte before other school students start spilling in through the doors.

His boyfriend gets their usual table by the window and he definitely chooses to ignore how Sebastian glared at a few tiny freshman until they got up and ran for the door so they could sit there. He smiles as the taller pulls his chair out for him, his hand running against his shoulder blades before he sits across from him.

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spoiler talk: i'm "happy" that FOR ONCE blaine is not the one chasing around saint hummel. i really don't like the idea of having dave back and the writers will most likely fuck up anyways BUT i'm almost satisfied if i think about kurt going "i've change my mind, i'll take you back, look how forgiving and wonderful i am" and blaine being just "no".

I wish but in the long run I think Blaine will take Kurt back no matter what and that’s unfortunate. I was surprised that Dave is the one out of everyone they thought to bring back to put Blaine with but at this point I’m in an #anyonebutkurt mindset so :)!

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I want to write but no idea what


best tv/movie characters:

[27/??] Matt Bomer as Cooper Anderson in Glee (2012)

↳ ”I’m sorry — are you talking to me right now? Because I can’t tell if you are talking to me if you don’t point your finger.”

captain america: a to z (a-d e-h i-l m-p q-t u-w x-z)

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Fishtail braid by the gorgeous @sydnap

Fishtail braid by the gorgeous @sydnap

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not without scott: scisaac + protectiveness

I’m just thinking.

About what?